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A sander can save you a lot of time. But there are plenty of different sanders to choose from. The prices go from cheap to very expensive. Here you can learn which sander is best for you.

Sanders are available in a number of different types. You can also use multi-purpose power tools with a sander attachment. Even a drill with a sander attachment can be used. If you use sanders a lot, you may need several different types of sanders. One common sanding procedure is to remove major surface defects with a belt sander, followed by smoothing with a random orbit sander and finishing off with a final manual hand sanding.
The most common types of sanders are

Belt Sander
Belt sanders have a belt fitted around two wheels. Sandpaper is running at high speed between the two wheels. Belt sanders are heavy-duty sanders, generally the first sander to be used in a project. They are not suitable for delicate sanding. Belt sanders can be hand-held or stationary. Here you have more information about belt sanders

Orbital Sander
Orbital sanders, also known as finishing sanders, are used to get a smooth finishing. They remove much less material than belt sanders. Orbital sanders are handheld and vibrate in orbits, that is, small circles. For some tasks, the newer random orbit sander will be a better choice than an orbital sander. But especially the palm orbital sander is very useful. Here you have more information about orbital sanders

Random Orbit Sander
Random orbit sanders are similar to orbital sanders but add a random pattern to the sanding operation. This makes it possible for random orbit sanders to oscillate faster. The random movement prevents swirl marks. The random orbit sander is a very popular and versatile sander. Here you have more information about random orbit sanders

Disc Sander (or Rotary Sander)
Disc sanders are generally stationary. But some smaller handheld units are also available. By using an attachment a drill can be used as a disc sander as well. Sandpaper is attached to a rotating disc. Here you have more information about disc sanders

Of course, you can also use a multi-purpose oscillating tool for many sanding tasks. The advantage is that like the name implies, you can use the multi-purpose tool for many other tasks than just sanding. They are quite handy to have around the house. They are not as good as special-purpose tools but they are good enough for many tasks. Not only can you save a lot of money by buying a multi-purpose tool but you can also replace a number of tools within one single device.